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  SNJ Business People is South Jersey’s award winning news-monthly publication, dedicated to business owners and decision makers – their contribution to commerce, their communities and their passion for business.

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SNJ Business People – In it to Win it Corporate Challenge

SNJ Business People recently hosted its inaugural “In it to Win IT” Corporate Challenge at The Riversharks Stadium. 

MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper Opens New Free-Standing Cancer Building in Camden, New Jersey

  MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper recently celebrated the grand opening of its new $100 million, four-story, 103,050 sq. ft. center located on the Cooper Health...


  Barry Kratchman is the third-generation owner of a 40-year old family eel company that distributes fresh water eels, lobsters, and “exclusive” oysters worldwide.
  But since he considers himself an entrepreneur rather...

Your vote will help us recognize South Jersey’s leaders in community involvement, branding, and regional-wide visibility

  You want it, you got it. It’s not our official motto, but those six words do represent one of the lynchpins of our...

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): Litigation Made Faster, Cheaper and Better

  In today’s litigious environment, it is the rare business that avoids litigation.  Whether it’s the “guest” who slips and falls outside your door, an...

THE October 2013 BULLS EYE FEATURE: Thomas X. Geisel

He was a DEA agent for the Department of Justice operating both on the streets of New York City as well as in the Caribbean and Latin America…won the Award of Valor and Honor from the US Department of Justice…is a self-admitted “...

The 4th Annual Impact Awards Reception Presented By TD Bank, Lauletta Birnbaum and Rowan University - Rohrer College of Business

The Who’s Who of South Jersey will gather on Tuesday, November 19th

The Good News, Bad News, and the Future

  The good news:  More and more we are living longer.
  The bad news:  At some point in our future we may become incapable of handling our affairs.
  Future news:  Who will handle our affairs when we cannot?

Should the Truck Stop Here?

High tech mobile take out restaurants (formerly known simply as “food trucks”) have become a hot trend in the food service industry.  These trucks are technologically advanced and bear little resemblance to the stainless steel “chuck wagons” that once dominated the...


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