Our monthly readers’ poll was once again the usual potpourri…politics, kids, summer drinks, and Social Security—after being sports-heavy last time out.

  When we asked whether our readers think that Governor Christie will have (any) job in Washington after the next election, exactly half of you said he would and half (obviously) said he would not.

  When asked to name your favorite national monument or memorial, the overwhelming choices were the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial. Nothing else came close. The Lincoln Memorial draws 7.1 million visitors annually, with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial second at 4.4 million visitors each year.

  Asked if you believe that the Social Security System will be out of money by the time you file for benefits, you were very optimistic. Eight-three percent said they’d be able to collect and only 17% think they’ll be flipping burghers at Mickey D’s. Nationally, the confidence level is a lot lower, with only 69% feeling that they’ll be able to collect.

  Seventy-eight percent of you who have children reported that their kids have (or had) summer jobs. And speaking of the season that has slipped away, your favorite alcoholic summer drink is a Gin & Tonic, while your favorite non-alcoholic drink is iced tea, followed distantly by lemonade. By the way, 85% of the tea consumed in the US is of the iced variety.

  Keeping in mind that we posed this question BEFORE the recent big Wall Street sell-off, 60% of you were feeling that we weren’t going to see another significant financial crisis within the next two years. That compares with 67% of the folks across the country feeling the exact opposite. What did they know that we didn’t?

  And, finally, when asked if the state’s business incentive programs are good for the overall economy, 60% of you said no and 40% said yes. Statewide, 85% of those polled recently said the programs were merely corporate welfare and bad for the state.